Our programs are focused on increasing national and international business opportunities, as well as the efficiency, effectiveness, and probability of the positive impact of resources invested in the creation, maturation and acceleration of science and technology-based projects and ventures. We have a wide network of more than 300 organizations and partners, with which we seek to articulate collaborative work that promotes the development of our projects.


Program to mature and accelerate projects based on science and technology, linking them with potential customers and other strategic partners to increase the chances of success, scale and expand their commercialization possibilities to the national and international market, and positive impact on society.

 – The benefits of being part of this program are:

    • Maturation and acceleration of projects in multiple dimensions: technological, regulatory, product development, industrial property strategy, business model, among others.
    • Training of research teams.
    • Early linkage with potential customers and strategic partners to facilitate their development and market entry.
    • Support and joint work with multidisciplinary teams made up of researchers, technology managers, expert advisors, and representatives of national and international industry.
    • Funding for mentors and advisors, national and international, and for commercialization activities and intellectual property strategy.
    • Strategic support for raising* public and/or private financing.


Program to mature and accelerate science and technology-based ventures, with the aim of amplifying their business opportunities and positive impact on the national and international ecosystem.

 – The benefits of being part of this program are:

    • Support in the creation of scientific-technological-based ventures of university origin.
    • Support in the maturation and acceleration of the ventures that enter the program to amplify their business opportunities and impact.
    • Support in the design and implementation of the company’s critical roadmap.
    • Support, strengthening and training of the venture’s team to increase their chances of success.
    • Strategic accompaniment for the strengthening of the intellectual property strategy.
    • Strategic support for raising public and/or private financing.


Program for companies that allows solving industry R&D challenges and create business opportunities through innovation and solutions based on science and technology.

 – The benefits of being part of this program are:

  • Optimizes the exploration of innovative solutions for the challenges demanded by the country’s industry and productive sector, through the focused search for capabilities of the entire R&D&I ecosystem in Chile.
  • Manage resources and times associated with R&D&i more efficiently.
  • It allows participation in HUBTEC’s extensive collaborative network, which enables the articulation of projects in partnership with both the public and private sectors.
  • It allows to address more complex challenges and develop more strong solutions, because solutions are articulated with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Guaranteed trust principle. Due to the role of “honest broker”, HUBTEC guarantees a neutral space for connection, without additional interests to those of each participant, which generates trust between all the people involved.


Platform designed to identify and organize information on resources, capabilities, products, and services available to universities, technology centers and their researchers as well as other actors in the CTCI ecosystem, with the aim of managing and linking them with challenges and needs of industry and the public sector.

 – The benefits of being part of this program are:

    • It facilitates the search for capabilities and innovative solutions in various universities and technological centers simultaneously. This way, it prevents the company that needs a technology, for example, from having to explore ‘one by one,’ seeking science and technology-based solutions.
    • It enables the articulation of an internal management network within universities and technology centers, which facilitates the scouting and linking of research teams with business and the public sector.
    • It facilitates the regular updating of information in an automated manner.

Buscamos soluciones y oportunidades de negocio globales, basadas en ciencia y tecnología que generen un impacto positivo en la calidad de vida de las personas en el menor tiempo posible.


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