At HUBTEC, we offer a full spectrum of specialized services, focused on strengthening innovation through R&D (Research and Development). From identifying and managing commercial challenges, design and management of proof of concept funds, to the evaluation and maturation of R&D projects and EBCTs, we ensure effective and strategic integration between science and industry. Our CaPS platform and intellectual property councel strengthen the connection between knowledge and market, maximizing the return on investment in innovation and protecting intangible assets, aligning them with corporate and academic goals for sustainable competitive advantage.

Raising and managing challenges and business opportunities based on R&D.
Segments: Large Enterprises.


This service focuses on addressing business challenges that the market has not yet solved and transforming them into new business opportunities, through the organization of companies with the abilities and solutions of the R&D&I ecosystem, which allow the creation of innovative solutions that can scale and transform into sustainable business opportunities.

Some of the services are:

  • Evaluation of challenges and opportunities.
  • Scouting or matchmaking of expert teams across the Chilean R&D&I ecosystem.
  • Development of open innovation calls.
  • Support in the development of pilots and concepts proof (design of university-industry contracts, raising* public funds).

Design and management of concept fund of R&D concepts.
Segment: Large companies


We provide large companies with specialized services in the design and management of R&D proof of concept funds to address their strategic challenges with portfolios of specialized capabilities, R&D&I projects, and undertaking, optimizing the return on investment of the invested funds. HUBTEC has the capacity to identify abilities and solutions across the entire R&D&I ecosystem in Chile, allowing links with universities and R&D centers in a more efficient way through a single organization.

Some of the services are:

  • Fund structuring.
  • Scouting and matchmaking of R&D teams.
  • Development of open innovation calls.
  • Support in the development of pilots and concepts proof.

Multidimensional evaluation and valuation of R&D and EBCTs.
Segments: Large companies, Accelerators/Incubators, Universities/R&D Centers, EBCTs

We offer a complete evaluation (including the analysis of the multidimensional maturity level), and a strategic valuation of R&D projects and scientific-based technological undertaking (EBCTs), both for companies and for universities, R&D centers, accelerators, and incubators. Our experience allows an informed decision making and tools for managing and using innovative and impact potential in various contexts.

Some of the services are:

  • Maturity level evaluation.
  • Technologies and startups valuation.

Maturation and acceleration of R&D projects
Segments: Large companies, Accelerators/Incubators, Universities/R&D Centers, EBCTs

We facilitate the maturation and acceleration of R&D projects, optimizing their development and bringing them quickly to market, through specialized management and early linking with potential clients and partners. Our experience and strategic approach drive the transformation of innovative ideas into successful commercial realities.

Some of the services are:

  • Maturity level evaluation.
  • Road maps design.
  • Implementation support.

Portfolio management of R&D and EBCT projects.
Segments: Large companies, Accelerators/Incubators, Universities/R&D Centers

We offer expert portfolio management of R&D and EBCTs projects, helping to optimize investment, performance, and impact potential. Our experience ensures strategic alignment and efficient execution of innovative projects in various areas.

Some of the services are:

  • Maturity level evaluation.
  • Portfolio display.

Competitive and collaborative intelligence.
Segments: Large companies, Accelerators/Incubators

We provide competitive and collaborative intelligence solutions to assist organizations make informed decisions and stay ahead in their industries. Our experience in market analysis, strategic collaboration and identification of capabilities and solutions based on science and technology drives innovation and sustainable growth.

Some of the services are:

  • Technology Surveillance.
  • Identifying potential partners/partnerships.
  • Market Analysis.

Access to R&D capability management platform and science-industry linkage.
Segments: Large companies, Universities/R&D Centers

Facilitamos el acceso a nuestra plataforma de gestión de capacidades de I+D y vinculación ciencia-industria (CaPS), permitiendo una colaboración efectiva entre universidades, centros de I+D, investigadores y empresas. Nuestra plataforma potencia la innovación al conectar el conocimiento científico-tecnológico con las necesidades de la industria, acelerando proyectos, emprendimientos y resultados exitosos.

Some of the services are:

  • R&D capability display.
  • Access to companies’ challenges.
  • Deployment of reports for accreditation.

Specialized advice on intellectual property (IP) strategy.
Segments: Large companies, Accelerators/Incubators

We offer specialized advice on intellectual property (IP) strategy to universitites, R&D centers, companies, accelerators, and incubators. Our IP experience ensures a robust, business model-aligned strategy that protects and maximizes the value of intangible assets, while supporting innovation, impact potential and the development of sustainable business opportunities by ensuring that intellectual property is aligned with commercial and academic objectives.

Some of the services are:

  • Analysis of the potential value and impact of IP.
  • Development of IP strategies aligned with business models.
  • IP contract and design and negotiation.

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